27 September 2014

Man-made Nature

A man-made lake has become a go-to destination for me and today I shared it with my husband.  You see, I just recently discovered this lake in our relative area and have been yearning to go back ever since.  It's very cold here today with a forecasted high of +8 Celsius.  It's been raining off and on since yesterday morning.  So for those of you who visited my rippling clouds sky photo which I posted Thursday and wondered what weather we had in store, this is the answer.  Rain and cold.  At least it's not the snow of two weeks ago!!  

It's the perfect weather for a jog around this lake, not that we did that.  Our visit was just a brief introduction but we will return, or at least I will once the weather turns nice again.  

It's amazing to me how many leaves have fallen since my last visit.  The colours are more subdued since a good majority of the amur maple leaves have already fallen along with many of the ash leaves.  Still, it's very pretty here and it smells amazing!  No car exhaust fumes.  Black-capped chickadees flit from one tree to another, a seagull soars above, a duck or two glide upon the still as glass lake, while overhead a flock of Canada geese fly over.

Everyone needs a place like this to de-stress, collect their thoughts, and meditate perhaps.  Just to be still and relax in a world that is in a constant state of rush is such a treat.  It's a wonderful world.

Man-made nature provides the respite I yearn for.

Above, only the second time I've spotted a blue jay this year.

Where do you go to de-stress?

Weekend Reflections

25 September 2014

There the Clouds Were, Ripples Strung Across the Sky

When I arrived home from work this afternoon, the skies had a  unique and unusual rippling of clouds that hung over the city.  It was so unusual I had to take a photo.

Sky Watch Friday

A bit like Avatar but far before its time

21 September 2014

Who Wants to go Tobogganing? I know it's not winter but Red Green offers a solution!

Saskatchewan Sunset

Since the construction has neared completion behind our house, I rarely see a decent sunset unless I head out away from the city.  Hubby is working out of province for a bit and he sent me this magnificently stunning sunset photo.  Bless him for knowing what I miss.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Starve it and Remove its Flowers (DSV - Dog-Strangling Vine is Invasive and Aggressive)


20 September 2014

According to a Quiz I Did on Facebook, I am a Sun-kissed Tourist

photo by son S while he was on vacation

“Sometimes we are lucky enough to know that our lives have been changed, to discard the old, embrace the new, and run headlong down an immutable course. It happened to me ... when my eyes were opened to the sea.”
—Jacques Yves Cousteau

Here's the link:  https://apps.facebook.com/discover_travelstyle/?refid=0
What is your travel style?


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