31 October 2017

What's Wrong With My Orchid?

Hi folks.  For a change, I have a troubleshooting question for you.  I have an orchid with some wrinkled leaves and I'm curious as to the cause.  This began before I repotted it to an actual orchid pot and it's had at least one more new leaf come out wrinkled since then.  It's in an eastern exposure with indirect light.  I planted it with an orchid potting mix with some spaghnum moss in an orchid pot which is nestled inside another pot.  There's about a half inch of pebbles under the orchid pot, in the outer pot for increased humidity.  It spent it's first summer outdoors this year in an effort to shock it into flowering, a suggestion from a friend who oversees the houseplant section at the greenhouse where I work.  

Could it be from inconsistent temperature?  Nutrient deficiency?  Other suggestions?

It grew a lot of new healthy roots while outside.  Any suggestions on how to make it bloom now would be great too.  

"Grow for Me"

In the spirit of Halloween, I found this little video from Little Shop of Horrors to share here.  Oddly, I've never seen the movie.

Happy Halloween!!

22 September 2017

Goodbye Summer - Fall Equinox 2017

As of 2:02 pm MST, we say hello to autumn and goodbye to summer.  It's been a very chilly end here.  The last three days have hovered around 5 Celsius and it's been rainy.  Some areas nearby have had snow!  To welcome autumn I thought I'd share a few photos that compliment the season.  Happy Fall everyone!








Tiger Eye Sumac

10 September 2017

Orchid Species Foundation Annual Show

This weekend is the annual show of the Orchid Species Preservation Foundation at Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park and I had a sneak preview yesterday. Here are some photos of some unusual and unique orchids.  They are so fascinating in their variations.

The show runs September 9-10 at the greenhouse.  

#shpk #salisburygreenhouse #orchids #abgrows

18 July 2017

Front Yards in Bloom II, 2017

Here are some highlights from my second batch of signing and pre-judging for Front Yards in Bloom 2017.  There were some astounding yards as you can see.

This has been so much fun!

09 July 2017

Front Yards in Bloom 2017 part 1

Good morning.  It's Front Yards in Bloom 2017 time and I am going through the photos I took of some of the nominees the end of June.  Today I have 31 more signs to place and it's going to be a hot one!  With the humidex values it will feel like 34 C but at least there's a breeze.

While K and I were out placing signs and doing some preliminary judging, we had three gardeners invite us into their back gardens.  I love when they do that!  We saw a lovely peony garden in one back garden, some beautifully designed pots and a beautiful shade garden in another (I do love a shade garden!) and then our last stop, which wasn't even on our list, was a sweet little lady whose garden we were drawn to and had to nominate.  She took us on a tour, explaining the old Virginia Creeper with a massive trunk and how it came to be the shade for their sunroom.  She grows climbing roses, one of which is a John Cabot and has extensive beds on the side garden and all around.  It's obviously a labour of love and she does most of it herself.  She explained how she had her son come help her tie up the heavy white climbing rose to an archway.  We left with an open invitation to return any time.  How lovely is that?

The following collage is of homes I saw enroute and enjoyed the impact they make on their neighbourhood.

This last collage is of a magnificent home with a brass turret.  K's favourite!  It hasn't been nominated but it is a beautiful composition of textures and greenery and no obvious flowers.  It has astounding curb appeal and was too lovely not to share.  Sadly, I realized later that I have no photos of the turret!

Off to another day of beautiful neighbourhoods!  Enjoy your day!


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