24 January 2017

23 January 2017

Bridal Fantasy 2017

Yesterday my daughter was stoked about Bridal Fantasy as we embarked on the traditional, the contemporary and the eclectic; the fashion, the floral and the food. Here is it - Bridal Fantasy 2017!!  Have a look:


There were a lot of strapless gowns, men's fancy socks, wedding night lingerie and underwear, men's suits and tuxes but apparently I didn't get photos of any of those.  I wasn't close enough to get close-ups on the embellishments but you get the idea.



I LOVED this booth!! (above.) PS, not everything in this mosaic were in this booth but you can probably tell which were.


The elephant took me by surprise!  You too?  Like I said, eclectic. Moss is huge!  Right on trend.  

 Cakes and desserts

Did we miss them or where are all the cakes and tablescapes?  This year there were a lot of limos and photographers, destination getaways and venue booths. I hope in the future Bridal Fantasy will have more cake/dessert vendors and more fancy tables and ideas for decorating.  Just saying, that's what I was looking for.

For more wedding inspiration, take a look at Bridal Fantasy 2015.

21 January 2017

Fog and Hoar Frost

Today in Edmonton

STARS Home Lottery 2017

Do you like show home tours?  Well, you're in luck.  Today my friend K and I went to a few show homes just for the heck of it and we began with the STARS Lottery Home 2017.  I'm going to take you along too but you get to skip the ice, fog and cold and enjoy from the comfort of your home.  Located in the up and coming area of Griesbach in Edmonton, this lovely two story house is on a corner lot with an attached double garage up front.  I didn't take photos of the exterior so a photo of the flyer will have to suffice.

Here are some photos of the interior, beginning with the foyer and main floor and continuing upstairs to the bedrooms, of which there are three, and a media room.  The laundry room is also on this floor.  The basement is unfinished.

The entrance and main floor

The main floor

 The master suite

 The bedrooms and laundry, all on the second floor

Media room above also included a bar with sink, upper cabinets and a small fridge.

It was a nice house; nothing over the top but not particularly blasé either.   Could you see yourself living here? 

To learn more about the role STARS plays in saving lives daily, read STARS.ca. If you're interested in more information and how you may purchase a ticket for the STARS Lottery 2017, visit STARS Lottery.

25 December 2016

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The house was loud, the voices cheery, the laughter full as we gathered together as a family to celebrate Christmas.  We filled our bellies and enjoyed the company of loved ones we don't get to see often and those we do and still love to be near them more.  It's a boisterous gathering full of turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, foot comparisons, cute chocolates, adorable pups, good friends, .... wonderful people.  

Christmas Eve eve we took a road trip in -20 C or so (with the windchill) weather to an acreage an hour out of town to see 5 acres of lights.  It was beautiful .... and cold!!

All in all it was a joyful celebration of the birth of our Saviour.  That's what Christmas is to me.  It's Jesus, hope, charity. love. family, togetherness, joy....  I am reminded of Dr. Seuss' quote from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas .... "maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more."  I hope your Christmas was something more...

Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year.  Cheers!!

30 November 2016

My Daughter's First Centrepiece

Yesterday A came over and she made her first ever Christmas centrepiece.  I think she did a marvellous job!!

27 November 2016

Seeing Red, Pink, Yellow and White...the Kaleidoscope of the New Poinsettias

You can imagine my surprise when I saw melon coloured poinsettias this week!!  Thanks to revolutionary select breeding, new colours and patterns on poinsettia leaves are becoming increasingly available but how will the public respond, I wonder.  Here are some photos of those beautiful plants, the traditional and not so traditional.  Which is your preference?

14 November 2016

Christmas Centrepieces

For inspiration, I've included a few photos.

An unusual colour scheme chosen to complement the magnolia leaves.

A selection of centrepieces

An undressed urn drop-in ready to decorate.

My urn 2016.  I used white pine predominately, red dogwood and white birch for the upright aspect. Embellished with stems of mountain ash with berries, a red lantern with a battery operated tea light, one grapevine ball and two sugar cones.

It can be as simple or detailed as you like.  Make it yours and have fun.  Cheers!

03 November 2016

Foggy Evening

Last evening a dense fog rolled in.  It was the perfect atmosphere for Halloween, alas one night late.

Great dense mists obscure
trees and houses though nearby
swallowed in the fog 

~ SMartin 2016

01 November 2016

Hello November!

With Halloween by the wayside, November dawned with a dusting of light crystal snowflakes.  As I walked out on the deck this morning, the air was warm enough for the snow to stick.  Miniature crystals perched on flower petals, as if gently dusted there.  I look out the window now to see more flakes falling, their presence much more significant than an hour ago.  

This is not to be long-lived though, if our Beetlejuice weatherman (Global news' Mike Sobel) is to be believed.  The next few days, into the weekend we are forecast to see temperatures in the teens (Celsius).  A joy we haven't experienced in a few weeks!  There's hope I will get my bulbs planted yet!

As chilly as it may be today, tomorrow and the next few days should be brilliant!! I watched a video this morning of my 18 month old grandson doing the Monster Mash dance.  What a hoot!  It melts my heart to watch him and am so grateful for the videos shared on social media by his parents and his grandmother.  

I sit here now contemplating the day ahead.  Today should be a good day to clean bathrooms, visit the library and do some reading.  A flu shot is scheduled for the middle of the day, I am reminded.  Next week we continue the set up at work for the "floral department" for Christmas.  I look forward to the upcoming weeks immensely as I really enjoy designing with greens.  The fragrance of cedar, spruce and fir alone ought to put everyone in the spirit.

How was your Halloween?


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