28 July 2014

Cloudy and rainy in the morning, hot and sunny in the afternoon, followed by a glorious sunset over the lake.

Hubby's family had a family reunion at Sylvan Lake this past weekend.  It's a beautiful spot to get away from the hectic pace of life in the city and though we had just one day there, I captured as much of it for safekeeping as I could.

This is where the canoes remained.  The water was too choppy during the day for a canoe trip.

Sailboats and motorboats ventured forth on the other side of the lake during the afternoon.  I went for an afternoon drive and soaked in some scenery.

The canola is ripening, flowers in bloom, damselflies and dragonflies were in abundance, and the lovely lilts of songbirds amongst the trees all beckoned me to explore, so I did.

No boating adventures for us this day; though, by evening the lake was much smoother and water skiers were venturing forth.  It was a good day in the wild.  We even managed to play a set of bocce.

Day's end brought forth this glorious sunset.  Sigh.  I would have loved to watch it set over the lake but we were on our way home by this time.  Good company, delicious food, and this scenery - the best of combinations.

How to Water Phalaenopsis Orchids

19 July 2014

Tour a Beautiful Koi Pond

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Moody Skies in July

Taken at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge; the skies, threatening of imminent rain, reflect in the lake below.  In the background, beyond the bridge, is the Friendship Bell.  Below, a closer photo of the same area of the garden.  It was a beautiful day to attend the gardens though we got sprinkled on.  Later that afternoon it hailed but we were long gone by that time.

Fuschia Infatuation

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14 July 2014

Beautiful But Deadly and More at Muttart Conservatory

 The following photos were taken in the Tropical Pyramid at Muttart Conservatory at the beginning of June.

Foxglove (Digitalis) above.

Agapanthus, above and below.

Digitalis, derived from Foxglove (above), is a prescription for some heart conditions.  But if you don't need it, digitalis can be deadly, just as any portion of this plant has the potential to kill even in small amounts.

Above and below, Japanese maples.

Orchid, above.

Pachystachys lutea, commonly known as yellow shrimp plant, featured above.

Lobster Claw, above,  is another Heliconia flower.

Alternanthera, above, commonly known as Joseph's Coat.

Above, Anthurium

Above, Heliconia, sometimes called False Bird of Paradise

Above, coneflower (Echinacea)

Above and below,  I believe this is throatwort (trachelium) 

12 July 2014

Plants Have Feelings Too

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