28 November 2011

Grass Fires Near Lethbridge Over the Weekend and other Anomalies

This weekend found Lethbridge area dry and windy, necessitating fire crews to be on scene in the Magrath area to battle a grass fire.  Residents in the vicinity were temporarily evacuated.

Strong winds down trees, fuel fires in southern Alberta | CTV News

Calgary had winds near 140 km/hr, that's F1 force winds.  Windows were shattered in some downtown high-rises, trees uprooted and power outages.  Near Claresholm, eight semi trucks were blown off the highway within a period of two days.  Click on the link above to view footage.

Winds died down overnight, thankfully.  I spoke with someone who had travelled Hwy. 2 Sunday and couldn't fuel up in Claresholm as the windstorm had caused a power outage and gas pumps were inoperable.  They too reported semis overturned along the highway.  I am so thankful that those who were travelling, my son included, arrived at their destinations in safety.

20 November 2011

Dressed for the Season - Dressing up Your Poinsettia

Rob Sproule, of Salisbury Greenhouse, demonstrates how to dress up your poinsettia.

17 November 2011

Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees has won the 2011 National Outdoor Book Awards!!!

Nature and the Environment

Seeing TreesWinner.  Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees.  By Nancy Ross Hugo.  Photography by Robert Llewellyn.  Timber Press, Portland.  
ISBN  9781604692198

Author Nancy Ross Hugo and photographer Robert Llewellyn together have created this unique look at trees complete with exquisite  photography.  You see aspects of the tree, leaves opening, flowers emerging, cones up close; magnified to reveal minute details that the naked eye often misses.  This one of a kind exploration of the world of trees is sure to keep you riveted page by page with a renewed appreciation for the miraculous beauty and wonder of trees.

Seeing Trees is certainly deserving of the recognition awarded it with the 2011 National Outdoor Book Awards.

12 November 2011

Shadow of Autumn

Crimson King Maple leaf and shadow on dining table.  (November 2011)

I am joining Hey Harriet on her Shadow Shot Sunday blog which shares shadowy photography by both amateur and professional photographers, world wide.  Won't you stop by and see what catches your eye?

11 November 2011

A Soldier's Tears

Why Poppies?

John McCrae wrote "In Flander's Fields the poppies grow.  Between the crosses, row on row".....

Why poppies?  We think it began with this poem, but it started before then.  Read this article to discover its genesis.

09 November 2011

Poinsettia Varieties - Helping You Make Your Selection

Rob Sproule, of Salisbury Greenhouse, discusses available varieties of poinsettias, assisting you in making your selection for Christmas.

08 November 2011

01 November 2011


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