10 December 2014

Edmonton in December is Unseasonably Warm

graphic from Global Edmonton Facebook page

Tuesday we reached a high of almost 13 degrees Celsius while at the International Airport it was 10.2 Celsius and Grand Prairie was 9.6 Celsius.  It's been a long time since we were this warm in December as you can tell from the graphic.  I apologize for the left margin cut off.  Not sure what happened but suffice it to say...technology!  

Is December warmer or colder than usual where you live?  

November snowfall
 I have to remember to spritz my swag with water to keep it from drying out since it has yet to freeze to sustain it whole.  It has melted so much (remember the snowfall we had in November?) that now the walks are icy treacherous.  

I'm participating in a cookie exchange this weekend with the kids and attending Candlelight Christmas Saturday evening.  I've wanted to participate in a cookie exchange for a while and now that the kids are grown it seems an opportune time and they all seem keen on it.  

Candlelight Christmas 2013
Not much decorating has been done here yet but soon we must find a fresh cut tree for the living room and maybe a poinsettia. Have you decorated for Christmas?  Real tree or artificial?  Do you display collections at Christmas like nativities, nutcrackers (me), villages? 

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