07 February 2015

Greenland Garden Centre Embraces the Tropics With Their New Indoor Garden

Mid to late January and through February you can take a short drive to Sherwood Park to visit the tropics at Greenland Garden Centre.

Family owned, Greenland Garden Centre has made a tradition of installing a large garden space each winter following the take down of the famous Christmas store.  This year one of the business partners, a different partner from the previous couple of years, decided to take the garden in a new direction and it is a beautiful relaxing oasis of a success!  With soft music playing in the background, one can take a seat at one of a few bistro tables nearby and just soak in the tropics.  No sunscreen necessary.  It's the perfect break from the cold winter and you don't need a plane ticket either!

Visit last year's garden Greenland Inspiration which featured an Asian inspired garden.

1 comment:

Jean Campbell said...

What a treat for those who cannot get away to the real tropics in the winter! Even we in more temperate climates like to have some tropical plants indoors when it is cold outside.


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