10 January 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday I posted some photos of the beginning of our winter storm .  The storm has passed but the snowfall is expected to continue as flurries all week. I know parts of New York state and eastern Canada have had terrific storms, mostly around Christmas time and I've seen a few of your photos.  For Mosaic Monday, I compiled some pictures that I took yesterday and this morning of the snow.


This news article about the storm describes how Southern Alberta, namely Calgary and the townships nearby, got the brunt of the storm.

For more lovely mosaics visit Mary's blog The Little Red House .

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Shirley, we live in Upstate New York and welcome snow for our winter activities. We were in New York City for Christmas, and that snow storm was not fun :-( At one time, the city was backed up by 1,300 emergency calls and couldn't get to everyone. Love your mosaic!


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