11 January 2011

Largest Single Dump of Snowfall in Edmonton in Over Two Decades

A local residential street
So, I wasn't exaggerating when I posted my photos and thoughts about our recent snowfall/winter storm.  We've had 35 centimetres of snow fall over the weekend.  That is the single largest dump of snow, not cumulative, in the Edmonton region in over two decades!  20 years, folks!

Somewhere, under all this snow, is my son's car

My son went out this morning to plug his car in only to discover the doors are frozen shut.  (yes, here we must plug our cars in, using a block heater, to prevent the block from cracking in the cold, typically -20C and below, rendering our vehicles incapacitated.)  Catholic and Public Schools have discontinued the noon hour bussing for kindergarten for this week.  There is still kindergarten if you can get your children there.  The city is way behind on snow removal.  The main arteries are plowed and residential roads may see removal equipment, at the earliest, Thursday.  The city's 311 line received over 590 calls about snow removal on Sunday alone.  But there is another arctic front headed our way and more snow is expected Thursday.  So.....what you see may be here for a while yet.....

Photo by Larry Wong, Edmonton Journal
See this Edmonton Journal article for the news on clean up efforts in the city. 

I know some of you have had far worse.  Take, for example, Minnesota or New York or Ontario.  Winter storms have wreaked havoc in the maritimes too, but with flooding, not snow.  Queensland, Australia is under 50 feet of water, in some areas.  Even South Carolina has received its second snowfall and they typically receive snow perhaps once every ten years or so. 

I read recently a headline stating that climate change is out of our control.  Does that mean that efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are pointless?  Efforts to reduce pollution, useless?  I wonder what the GreenPeace activists would say about this?  Personally, I don't think we will really know for sure, unless we continue to try.  Go green.  That's a great motto.  For 2011, I renew my committment to live green. 

How's the weather where you are?

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