11 May 2013

Finally, Flowers Outdoors!!!

Is there anything more cheerful than flowers?  (thanks hon!) As the lawn slowly begins to green up (I still have to find the rake which I assume is buried somewhere in the garage following our move the beginning of February), and the tree and hydrangeas are beginning to show minute green leaves unfurling, I am so excited to have real growing flowering evidence of spring!!!  

I admit spring is my absolute favourite season of all!!

Included in this planter are a windmill palm, two varieties of osteospermum, a colourful grass and a pretty red flower that I cannot remember the name of.  Anyone out there recognize it?

Thanks Tyler
Thanks Amanda
Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  I have such fond memories of childhood and many of them are associated with time spent with my mom.  We made cookies together, cleaned together, gardened together. I enjoyed the sticky yumminess left in the bottom of the pan when she made cinnamon buns.  I recall walking home from school and smelling the wonderful heavenly fragrance of freshly baked bread and my friends would always say how lucky I was to have a mom who baked.  Frankly, I feel lucky to have her for my mom period.  For all the books we read, the summers in the sun, the fun times in the kitchen (not to mention the cookie dough stuck to the ceiling...remember that mom?), the warm meals on a cold day, for just being there, always, thank you mom!!  Love you.

I look forward to the phone call I will make tomorrow.  

Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone!


Lavender Cottage said...

Your entrance planter is pretty.
Happy Mother's Day.

Lee said...

Hi! You're not talking about the Gerbera daisy in the planter, are you? Nice to find a gardening blog written by a fellow Edmontonian :)

Shirley said...

Yes, Lee, that's it! Thank you. I was suffering muddy brain syndrome!

Shirley said...

Thank you Lavender Cottage!


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