20 December 2010

Every Little Girl's Dream Tree

 At the Festival of Trees was one tree that won every little girl's heart.  This tree, called the Fairy Godmother, depicts the story of Cinderella.  Each "egg" portrays a cutout of segments of the fairy tale.
 The "egg" looks like a replica "Faberge" egg with a paper cutout, possibly decoupaged, affixed within.
 This tree was in the same "pod" as Sparkle Wonderment,/a> and Picasso Gold and was a hit with girls young and mature.
 The tree topper contains a dancing Cinderella and her Prince.
 Here's a close-up of some of the ornaments on the Fairy Godmother Tree.
And at the base of the tree sits Cinderella in her carriage drawn by two exquisite white horses.  What girl wouldn't love this tree in her house?  This was my sister's favourite fairy tale as a child.  I'm sure she would have been thrilled to have had this in our living room back then.

This "tour" of the Festival of Trees is the second segment devoted to My World.  You too can be a tour guide of your world by participating the meme My World or pop by for a visit.  You are always welcome.


EG Wow said...

Probably every little girl dreams of being Cinderella!

eileeninmd said...

Lovely tree and decoartions. The Cinderella is beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Rambling Woods said...

How delicate and pretty


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