24 June 2011

Flaunt Your Flowers 24/06/2011

This is the front bed near the entrance.  Seen flowering here are shooting stars (dodecatheon).  I have a few of these in this bed, some bright pink and some more of a lilac pink.  They flower late spring/early summer and then go dormant in the heat of the summer.  I love them for their showiness!

To the back yard we go, making a brief stop by the pond and waterfall.  Here we see irises in bloom, we have three scatterings of them nearby, and the golden reed has set its heads, for lack of a better word.

This pretty little aquilegia, columbine (perhaps Nora Barlow) set seed in the gravel under the deck, just near the clematis.  It's in full bloom right now.  Mom I posted this one just for you, remembering your fondness for this little perennial.

This photo should be with the pond photos but cooperation is not something blogger always agrees upon.  There you have it, a shot of the same irises with Hakuro Nishiki Willow in the background.  This sits on the far side of the pond.  I have noted that, of late, people are calling this little willow "dappled willow". Is it because the Japanese name is so difficult to pronounce?  Perhaps so.

This willow gives the appearance of flowering from a distance as its new growth is dappled white and green tinged with the slightest of pinks.  Quite a pretty shrub that requires a fair bit of water.  It is quite happy this year!

A close-up of the irises by the pond (left and above). Below, a German bearded iris and behind, Jackmanii clematis.

Above you can see our wood pile, stored for use in the firepit on those lovely summer evenings.  Not intentionally included in the photo, but the irises look good!  ;)

A planting of at least three varieties of peony.  I like them planted in front of the window well as a masquerade.  Behind the fountain are the irises (as seen in above photos), the clematis Jackmanii, and to the right bird's nest spruce and far left corner, Alberta Spruce.

This photo is on the other side of the deck stairs.  In front, another bird's nest spruce and behind, Festiva Maxima peony.

Pink Sorbet peony (as seen in above photo by the window well)

Karl Rosenfeld peony.  The colour is off and should read more deep red/burgundy.  This too is planted by the window well.

I think this is Sarah Bernhart peony?  I know there's a bush of them in this bunch.

Festiva Maxima peony (above and below).  A glorious fragrant white peony splashed with red.  Also seen in the photo above.

A view from inside the house looking out upon the planting of peonies by the window well and deck stairs.  I love to sit here at the computer and gaze at these.  I also planted some evening scented stock seed nearby, which are about 1 1/2 inches tall at the moment.  When they bloom it will be like heaven near this window.

Summer Wine Ninebark shrub is in full flower now.

Snow in Summer is almost in full bloom.  Such a pretty little perennial which gradually spreads but is not what I'd call invasive.  It is more clumping, in form, gradually growing out from the edges.  Snow in Summer loves full sun and well-drained, if somewhat dry, soil.

That's what's blooming in my garden this week.  I am linking up with Tootsie for the Flaunt Your Flowers/Fertilizer Friday meme which she hosts every Friday.

What's blooming in your garden?


Kristin said...

Love the peonies. Nothing better than old fashioned flowers like Columbine and Peonies in the garden. Great photos!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I wish I could grow peonies! They'd just be too much work around here (Central Texas) though. You're so lucky!

Bernie said...

You have shown some beauties in this FF post today. The Peonies are just stunning, so is that Snow in Summer. But those Irises stole my heart!

Thanks for dropping by my FF post. You asked about my Sansevieria ... I really don't have any secret about getting them to flower. That particular patch has been in the ground now for around 15 years and it's been flowering for at least the last two! They get no attention from me whatsoever, apart from the occasional (and I mean occasional) watering. They grow happily in part shade in all weather conditions here.

Diane said...

Hi there. I love your peonies. They are all gorgeous and you have so MANY.

I've been trying to leave a message without leaving my IP address info on that Feedjit thing you have and it's not easy! I think I've figured out to leave the message first.

But thank you so much for the visit and comment....happy gardening!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Here's your other Canadian gardener! Lovely garden; Columbine are a favorite of mine, and although I grow them, they don't do as well as I'd like them too. Yours are so lovely.

Thanks for visiting me. I'll be back.

Olga said...

Hello Shirley,
Nice to meet you. I enjoyed the tour in your garden. Everything is so beautiful. I especially liked your columbines and peonies.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anne said...

your yard must be beautiful,that is a very pretty columbine--mine are blooming too,peonies havent started yet,i only have one iris are starting, lilacs white are finishing and purple are starting, roses have some buds, and i have those little white ones too-snow in summer poppies are blooming too

Liz said...


Beautiful photos and so many Peonies! It seems everyone else has them except me............ I might have to rectify this!

My garden haven said...

I'm so glad you stopped by at my gardenhaven. Now I get to see your FF flaunts and say to myself,"Wow, Shirley's garden is too fabulous for words!"Will be visiting you again!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh my I love those peonies , but all of your garden is beautiful Shirley

Tootsie said...

it's all so pretty that I can't decide what to say is my favorite!
what a great flaunt! Love the Iris's
so..thanks for linking in this week. it is nice to finally get around to say hi and thanks to all the gardeners who patiently grow their flowers and who flaunt with me each week!

Diann said...

All of your flowers look beautiful! And he peonies are just so romantic and "days gone by" feeeling. Just lovely!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping! Curious what zone you are in? i host a garden party on Thursday's & would love to have link up sometime? xoxo, tracie

Shirley said...

Thanks for visiting everyone. I have visited each of you in return.

To Fishtail Cottage: I live in zone 3b Edmonton Alberta. I will swing by and check out your garden party. Thanks for the invite!

Anonymous said...

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