19 June 2011

The Man Who Plants a Tree

To download a PDF illustrated version of the poem, click the image above.
The man who plants a tree
Must first prepare
The fruitful earth
By moving duff or sod,
And cherish in his heart
A silent preyer
For he is working hand in hand with God.
It is a sacred task,
To plant a tree,
That always should be done
On bended knee.
The artisans may strive
For years to raise
A structure reaching
To the vaulted sky,
That well deserves
The everlasting praise
And words of wonderment
From passersby,
But he, the humble man
Who plants a tree,
Is fashioning
His nation’s destiny.
-Richard J. Dorer

Happy Father's Day!


Greenearth said...

Beautiful, love that poem, so powerful and so true.

Karen said...

I have never heard the entire poem before, it is wonderful! And so true, we do this work on bended knee because it is so important.

Carla said...

What a beautiful poem. I have a dear friend that 'blesses' each thing she plants with a thankful prayer. Powerful stuff. Happy Father's day to you and yours.


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