24 June 2011

Shopping.... at a Local Garden Centre

 Outdoor statuary, fountains, bird baths.  I really like the unique design of this one which is seen in the last photo here as well where it has been set up in a display.

This is one of my favourite areas of this greenhouse.  I am fond of the unique shapes of topiaried evergreens.  I'll admit, I have a certain penchant for evergreens, which explains why my garden is planted with so many with different forms and variety.

Large pots of ostrich ferns are displayed with perennial vines and enormous hostas.  Talk about instant impact for your garden!

This photo doesn't capture just how captivating this water feature is.  It was too bright in this greenhouse; which houses the trees, shrubs, perennials and roses; to get a good clear shot.  But, you get the idea.

I visited this greenhouse in May as I was getting supplies for the container gardening class I was preparing to teach.  This, my friends, is a glimpse of the court yard and tree nursery area of Kuhlmann's Market Gardens and Greenhouses in north east Edmonton, Alberta.  They are open year round, featuring a Christmas store in the winter.  Should you be in the neighbourhood, stop in and tell them Shirley from The Gardening Life blog sent  you.  :)

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Rambling Woods said...

I visited two garden centers today mostly just looking and learning. I do love water features...


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