24 June 2011

I Need Your Help With a Plant ID

This is my mystery plant which my husband brought home to me last year.  A customer of his gave it to him when he told her how much I love gardening.  She warned, however, that this plant, which she called "Old Man" (not knowing the biological name), is highly invasive.  It apparently spreads like crazy and she has a hedge of it.  For this reason it is planted in a pot and the pot is inserted in the garden.  It has fine foliage, rather wispy and is a fast grower.  It has grown at least 8 inches so far this year. 

 When it arrived to me, it was a couple rather barren sticks, dried out from the journey of at least 6 hours.  I wetted the roots upon arrival and planted it the next day as it was too late that day.

Hubby's customer is right.  This is one tough customer!!  Look at it now.

It hasn't flowered, and I don't know if it does.  Can anyone out there tell me what this plant is?


Alison said...

Do the leaves have a scent when crushed or brushed up against? I am going to guess some type of Artmesia/Wormwood.

Netty said...

I think it must be an Artemisia as well. It kind of reminds me of Southernwood.

Shirley said...

After reading your comments, I looked up Southernwood Artemisia and it does seem to be the same thing. The leaves have a fragrant, almost lemon hint to them when crushed. Thank you for the information Netty and Alison.

Anonymous said...

I know it as "old man Sage"


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