15 December 2010

A Shovelling We Shall Go......

I am sitting at the computer listening to Anne Murray singing Christmas songs and am grateful to be indoors right now.  Earlier this afternoon I faced the elements of wind and snow to shovel the drifted sidewalks.  Not even three hours later you could not tell that I had done so.  I look out now at the darkening sky, see the wind blowing the everfalling snowflakes into more drifts and I am grateful to not be driving today.  We had to shovel the deck in back to make a path for our royalty, Lilo and Stitch, to make their way to the yard to conduct their business.  If Lilo sees snow she'd just as soon back her way indoors and hope her humans make it go away before she absolutely must go out.  Yes, she is a princess.  Stitch is no woose, but even this weather is unappealing for him.

The furnace ignites, blowing heated air throughout the house, the 14 strings of lights upon the Christmas tree twinkle and dazzle and the smell of cinnamon lingers in the air.  Yes, tonight there is no place I'd rather be than indoors enjoying the comforts of home and family.  I hope all is well and warm within your homes and to those of whom are under weather warnings and closures due to storms, I pray you are well and warm and your loved ones safe. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice pic. We are getting snow today. You must have a huge tree with14 strings of lights. I put 2 strings on and that was enough.



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