20 December 2010

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

The moon appears totally covered by shadow as the earth passes between the moon and the sun, during the lunar eclipse in this Jan. 9, 2001 file photo taken in Kiel, Germany.
Tonight and early tomorrow morning we have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the last lunar eclipse of 2010!!  Beginning at about 11:30 pm, it is best seen with the naked eye or binoculars.  See the following post which contains a link for more information about this event.


Arija said...

Lucky you, we only got a partial eclipse and won't have another solstice eclipse for 84 years. I certainly will not be here to see it.

Shirley said...

Good morning Arija!!! I missed the eclipse last night, fell asleep. North America will see another lunar eclipse in the year 2014. I'll have to stay awake for that one!


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