18 May 2013

Seen Around Town

Top two photos were taken using my IPhone camera.  
The bottom two photos were taken by my son Matt.

In another area of the city, I spotted two pairs of Canada Geese at a man made lake near my house.

Summer is just over a month away and we are finally enjoying spring.  My son Tyler just shared with me photos of a black bear that they saw while working on a road crew near Cold Lake.  He said they saw five bears in total, four of which were black and one brown bear.  

Near our house and to the south is a natural area with a fenced in water catch basin.  The last two mornings a light fog shrouded the area and I had to get it on "film," so to speak.

That's the extent of my neighbourhood walks this week.  What's happening in your neighbourhood?

1 comment:

Lori E said...

A little bit of spring is not nearly enough! I hope things warm up quickly for you.
I like the shot of the geese making a run for it.


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