03 January 2014

Year 2013 in Reflection

Late winter (January/February) saw us move residence.  We now had a bare field in front and behind us giving us unobstructed views of sunrises to the northeast.  It was lovely until construction both in front and in back disrupted the views and the peace.  However, to my delight, a new family park began construction across the road.  Behind us, new housing developments.  A perfect excuse to get out of the house to explore!

As beautiful as winter can be, I yearn for colour and the sweet promise of spring so off to the greenhouses I went.  In the above photos:  Muttart Conservatory saw the blooming of Putrella Amorphphallus Titanum in April. Also in bloom was a daffodil garden comprising most of an entire pyramid and many other spectacular spring flowers.  I had to bring some of that intoxicating beauty home with floral arrangements.  

Nearby, as spring warmed the earth and our hearts, resident Canada Geese nested amongst the reeds at a local pond.  They were quite camera shy, would you believe it? 

When summer finally arrived (it was a late spring in 2013) I took advantage of the opportunities to be found including but not limited to riding segways at the river valley, watching the Dragon boat races, visiting gardens, watching the July 1 fireworks, attending the CariWest Festival Parade, visiting the Lois Hole Wetlands and berry picking.  A visit to the lake for a day with family was time well spent.

The garden adored the heat.

Then September rolled in and the warm weather persisted to our delight!  We made a trek to Jasper National Park (including the Columbia Ice Fields), Banff National Park and Waterton National Park where we spent time with our moms, a couple of the kids and their boyfriend/girlfriends.  We had a fabulous time!!  I miss the mountains so this was the best way to say hello to autumn and goodbye to summer.  See Waterton National Park, Where Have the Columbia Icefields Gone, and Rocky Mountain Highs.

The Festival of Trees took place over the last weekend in November.  Above is a small sampling of the beauty we enjoyed.  I've volunteered there previously and really miss doing so.  Working in retail at this time of year kind of zaps the energy so I just enjoyed visiting at leisure.  I dragged hubby along and we joined a couple of our sons and our daughter, with their respective companions, for a lovely evening of festive gaiety.  See Festival of Trees.

The beginning of December Devonian Botanic Gardens held their annual Luminaria event on what turned out to the coldest weekend so far!  Bundled up though, it wasn't too bad that evening.  You can visit my post here.

Above collage photos were taken at the John Walter Museum.

This little hermit actually got out and explored a little and it was fun!  Enough about me, how was 2013 for you?

Wishing you a spectacular new year of joy, peace and the company of those you love.  May adventure find you ready and willing!  I'm looking forward to visiting all my
 blogger friends in the upcoming year to share in your 
garden joys and your adventures.  
We're all in this together, we may as well enjoy it!

All the best,

The Gardening Life



The French Hutch said...

Your year of gardens has been a beautiful one. Wonderful photographs.
Happy New Year

The French Hutch

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Shirley, what stunning mosaics these are ... I want to frame the top one and hang it on my wall!! (And I'm here in Florida, where we still have some color and flowers...can only imagine how wonderful it must be for people in snowy climes to gaze upon)..

You do beautiful work... (both in the garden and documenting it!). Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

EG CameraGirl said...

These mosaics are so beautiful! Wonderful year in review!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What amazing photos! You've had a wonderful year with lots of interesting things to see. I love the wintry scenes at the museum, the last mosaic. They could all be Christmas cards! Happy new year to you!

Sheila said...

hi Shirley. I really enjoyed looking through your reflections of the year that was…your collages are wonderful. Happy New Year!


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