06 September 2014

Last Taste of Summer?

The forecast doesn't look promising for the next few days.  An Arctic front promises to be a huge influence in that!  So I thought I'd share some things that promise to elicit a smile.  Today I'm sharing a few photos my husband shared with me.

Earlier today I posted a couple photos of the double rainbow as seen in our neighbourhood.  These two photos, above and below, were taken by my husband who had alerted me about the rainbows.  Notice, if you look closely, the rainbow seems to come down right in front of this apartment building.

(Photo also taken by my hubby)

This guy is enormous!!  He was sitting on our patio door screen the other day. Thank goodness he's around because the mosquito population was quite high in August.  (see the graph that tells it all:  

Today was quite warm and it was nice except when I went to the hair salon and they had no air conditioning!  Is this summer's last hurrah?  Stay tuned.  You can see with me if the forecast of doom, meaning SNOW, actually comes to life.

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