16 September 2014

Worlds of Orchids

Last Saturday my son Matt and I visited Salisbury Greenhouse for the Worlds of Orchids event.  While I couldn't attend the classes, though I really wanted to, we did manage to take in the displays and speak to a few growers.  I even came away with a new orchid; a gift from my son.  The last photos are of my orchid. Matt bought one for himself as well.  He has upwards of 15 different orchids now! He is taking the preparatory courses for Landscape Design at school, which I am thrilled about because he has a definite talent and interest for it, so events like this are helpful to educate and inspire.

Of course I had to take photos, a lot of them!  I won't bore you with all of them so here are a few of the over 80 that I took.

The teeniest orchid


The  Wagner Natural Area is not too far from my city and is the habitat for several species of wildlife and a couple native orchid species. 

 The wildlife of the Wagner Natural Area, above.

Application for Registration of an Orchid Hybrid 

Matt's new orchid, Sand Black Star, above

My new orchid, left and right.


Arija said...

What a great show and lovely orchids that you both have added to your collections. I wish I could share some of mine with you as I have far too many to look after anymore. Such a pity we live on different continents.

Shirley said...


It was a fabulous show with knowledgeable speakers on hand. Tis a pity we are so far apart. Do any of yours survive outdoors or are they all houseplants? My son now has 16. I think he has caught the orchid bug.


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