08 September 2014

Merry Winter....what???? Am I Dreaming?

Well good morning to all!  How's your day looking?  This morning it looked like this outside:

Yes, that is snow.  Check the calendar.....September 8...what????

Yes, we were warned in a forecast that one day said snow, another day said rain. It was on and off. Apparently a rare event  for this time of year, an Arctic front has settled over the province and we are the not so happy recipients of fluffy white stuff.

At 6:30 am it is only 1 degree Celsius.  Barely above freezing.  

Areas west of the city from Fox Creek south to Sundre or so, a snowfall warning is in effect.  Aren't we all surprised to wake up to this and the cold.  Brrrr.  Letting the dogs out this morning was no treat!  Yep, I'm awake!!

The 7 day forecast, however, holds promise for more seasonal weather and temperatures.  (thank goodness.  I've been thinking the Okanagan Valley, Vancouver or Hawaii all look pretty inviting!)

The fireplace has been lit and I've curled up with a blanket on the couch, movie playing and two dogs on my lap.  Not such a bad way to spend a day.  (I worked night shift last night so today is a day of leisure and naps.  I'm not just taking a snow day,  lol.)

Hope you are enjoying a lovely day, this Monday.  My condolences if your day looks like this as well.

Photo taken by hubby this morning
This song was playing on the news this morning.  Love their sense of humour so I had to share it with you as well.  Enjoy a little Queen on this snowy day!  (Outside-In - A Winter's Tale)


Shirley said...

Maybe it's not so rare. Take a look at this article Global just shared:

Snow in September - It's Not Unheard of for Albertans

bettyl-NZ said...

That's the kind of surprises I can do without! My FB friends in the US are buzzing about very cold forecasts for the winter so I guess you just got started early. Keep warm!


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