25 April 2015

Putrella Draws Crowd With Her Odour and Beauty

The Corpse Flower in Bloom (left), the enormous corm (middle) and the plant (right) on exhibit in the main concourse.

This year's presentation was more informative and included displays such as the corm from which the flower or plant develops.  Also on site was a dead carrion beetle, the only insect known to pollinate the corpse flower.  The stench, which is strongest on the first evening of the flower opening, draws the carrion beetle which then pollinates the flower.  

When the corm begins growing, it is difficult to tell if it will develop into a flower or a plant.  It's always exciting when it's a flower that develops.  You can follow her progress on the Muttart Conservatory Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/muttart.conservatory1.  The dates are March 10-April 9/15.  

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