06 October 2015

My Most Adored Maples

I'm certain autumn has arrived early this year as indicated by the early change of leaf colour in the local landscape.  Ash, poplar, maples all began turning colour the end of August, early September.  Now, it is early October and the maples along 97th street, which were in full astounding pigmentations of reds and oranges just two weeks ago, are now almost barren of foliage.  To blame is the weather.  This summer was a season of drought, thus plants in the region are stressed.  Then we had a storm last Friday and Saturday which brought wind and rain to continue the defoliation process.  Luckily, my daughter and I visited the famous stretch of maples a couple weeks ago.  Here are some of my most adored.

Is there a season more colourful, more crisp, more invigorating?  I doubt it. Cheers to fall!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh, fantastic, gorgeous Maples!! And a very pretty daughter, too! Fall is too short, isn't it?


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