06 November 2015

Remembering, lest we forget

Next week Canadians set aside a day to pay our respect to those who have battled for freedom on our behalf.  So on that note, I took a drive recently to an area that once housed the army barracks.  Some of the old homes still stand but there's a lot of new development with beautiful houses.  I'm happy to note that the tributes to those great soldiers, marines, etc. remain intact and that in fact there is a new plaque that I have yet to find.  

Overlooking the lake pictured above is the plaque and sculpture, below

and in a roundabout is this incredible statue of a larger than life horse and soldier.  

November 11 at 11am we will take a moment of silence across the land to offer our deepest thanks and respect to those who fought valiantly and still do for our right for freedom.  Let us not forget it came at a great cost.  We are so blessed.


Share my Garden said...

I'm wearing my poppy, Shirley. I'm a war baby, blessed to have a father who lived to a ripe old age.
Gardener, bookworm and writer - you sound like my kind of girl!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It was nice to see so many people wearing poppies at a Christmas bazaar I attended today and on Sunday our church will have the annual service of remembrance.

Karen said...

My thanks to all who served.

indah nuria Savitri said...

great place and wonderful sculptures..and of course, we shall never forget our heroes..


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