21 December 2015

Candlelight Christmas with the McDades

Terry McDade's harp.  Photo taken 2013

This has become our family Christmas tradition....an evening of music in a pioneer setting with the musicians the McDade family.  Two years ago (2013) a friend introduced me to Candlelight Christmas at the John Walter Museum in Edmonton.  Last year I took my husband and this year we tried to take all the family.  Unfortunately one son and his wife couldn't make it and another son was out of the country.  Those who did attend this delightful festive evening were all in agreement that this must become an annual event, forever.  I'm so glad!

Here are a few photos of the evening.  It's difficult to capture the sheer magic of a concert held in pioneer houses through photos.  You miss the smell of the fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate and apple cider.  The ambience can be vaguely captured but until you experience the candlelit houses packed with enthusiastic attendees seated before the McDades, it's only an image in your mind initiated by the photos and words I portray here. Ah, if ever you are in Edmonton during mid December, you must go but tickets go quickly. They begin selling in July and you're lucky if any are available after October.

The McDades have three Christmas albums, all available on iTunes and the official McDade website The McDades.  Little Drummer Boy from the Noel 2004 cd is one of our absolute favourites.  In this version, Jeremiah throat sings the intro. It is amazing!

The McDades' Celtic roots are evident in their music selections and presentations, playing Celtic carols mixed with a few from Canada (the Huron Carol) and some French as well.  If the spirit of Christmas is what you're looking to capture, this is an excellent place to start.

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