29 December 2015

Christmas Time is Here

Muttart Conservatory

Christmas has come and gone with all its bows and trinkets and lights and merriness.  I hope the season has found you warm and full of the spirit of the season.  Working in the floral design/green goods department of the greenhouse has been a great deal of fun and some of that translated to some decorating around the house too.  

at home

We've been a very good kind of busy this year from the 19th on at home with the arrival of my son, daughter-in-law and grandson.  We decided to focus on making memories this Christmas and remove the gift-giving pressures which I think went very well.  Try as we might, not everyone could attend everything.  Some of us attended Candlelight Christmas, went to a live nativity pageant, and everyone went to Star Wars Thursday night.  Going to a movie is a long-running Christmas tradition and this year our eldest chose Star Wars as the must-see movie.  We were all together for Christmas.  Then yesterday four of us went to Muttart Conservatory for the Snowflakes are Falling exhibit in the feature pyramid.  It was a  Christmas wonderland.  The perfect place for family photos. (yet to come)

at work

at work

at work

at home

Tonight we are driving to Leduc for Leduc Country Lights.   

Hoping you had a joyous Christmas, Happy Hanukkah.  Season's Greetings to all.

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Shirley said...

Due to the cold evening (-20 Celsius) we decided to stay in town and went to Candy Cane Lane instead. Watch for my post with highlights of the evening.


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