23 January 2017

Bridal Fantasy 2017

Yesterday my daughter was stoked about Bridal Fantasy as we embarked on the traditional, the contemporary and the eclectic; the fashion, the floral and the food. Here is it - Bridal Fantasy 2017!!  Have a look:


There were a lot of strapless gowns, men's fancy socks, wedding night lingerie and underwear, men's suits and tuxes but apparently I didn't get photos of any of those.  I wasn't close enough to get close-ups on the embellishments but you get the idea.



I LOVED this booth!! (above.) PS, not everything in this mosaic were in this booth but you can probably tell which were.


The elephant took me by surprise!  You too?  Like I said, eclectic. Moss is huge!  Right on trend.  

 Cakes and desserts

Did we miss them or where are all the cakes and tablescapes?  This year there were a lot of limos and photographers, destination getaways and venue booths. I hope in the future Bridal Fantasy will have more cake/dessert vendors and more fancy tables and ideas for decorating.  Just saying, that's what I was looking for.

For more wedding inspiration, take a look at Bridal Fantasy 2015.

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