21 January 2017

Three Story Bachelor Pad Show Home

The last show home we visited was a three story townhouse by Juno homebuilders.  It was across the street from the Coventry homes so we figured why not.  It was most extraordinary.  A very linear small space that capitalized on vertical room.  Upon entering you see a steep staircase leading to the main living area.  Immediately to your left is a den and a bathroom.  Straight ahead is the single garage.

The first thing I thought as we climbed the stairs was there was no way I'd want to carry groceries up them!!  There are a lot of them and they're steep and narrow.  Good exercise though!! 

Upstairs you find the kitchen, dining and living room, all lined up.  The design makes the most of the room available and is really quite livable.  

You ascend another staircase to the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.  Here are a few photos I took.  If I were single, this would suit me.  (I'd seriously have to do some downsizing!!  Think minimalist.)  Mind  you, it would be a perfect bachelor pad or starter home for two.


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