20 May 2010

Weed B Gon - Nature Friendly Herbicides

In a previous blog entry I made mention of the local ban on Weed 'N Feed and the move towards organic controls. There is good news on the horizon!  Scott's has come out with a new product called Scott's EcoSense Weed B Gon Ready to Use Weed Control.  It is a natural organic product with iron. Our lawns love iron but broadleaf weeds don't.  Over time the herbicide slowly withers the weed and kills it.  Repeated applications may be necessary but it is good to note that this product is child and pet friendly once the application has dried. Exciting news for the environment conscious gardener!

"Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon is made from familiar ingredients, so moms and pet-lovers can be completely comfortable controlling weeds on the lawn which is, after all, a soft, safe place for kids and pets to play," says Glenn Martin, director of marketing, Scotts Canada Ltd. "Recent restrictions on the use of synthetic weed control products made it very difficult for people to eliminate widespread weed problems that will choke out healthy turf grass over time. Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon provides an easy to use solution." http://www.sootoday.com/content/green/details.asp?c=31057

Another new product by Scott's is Ortho Weed B Gon Max Plus Crabgrass Control. It comes as a concentrate and, with an applicator, can be sprayed to control broadleaf weeds and crabgrass.  The label does not recommend spraying the entire lawn and cautions not to apply in vegetable gardens or near desirable plants.    Both products are available at your local garden centre this May.  Always read and follow directions on the label.


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