08 May 2010

Rhododendron in Bloom

My rhododendron is blooming for the first time!  We got it a couple years ago and it is at last rewarding me with some lovely blooms.  Just in time for Mother's Day!! 

Happy Mother's Day!

Rhododendrons like an acidic soil, mulched with a shredded bark and partially shaded, especially from harsh afternoon sun and strong winter sun.  They are shallow rooted plants thus it is necessary to mulch them, and avoid planting in a high traffic area. Though rhododendrons like a moist well-drained soil, they dislike a wet soil which can lead to root rot. Plant with peat moss, mulch after planting and water as needed.  When digging to plant rhodendrons, dig up the area, not just the hole, and amend with moistened peat moss.  This will provide the best environment for root development. It will reward you with stunning blossoms and shiny full green foliage.

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