22 May 2017

Spring 2017 Has Been a Blur of Activity

Hello all.  I've been a little MIA and I apologize.  It's been a bit hectic here and I'll let  you in on all the latest news.

Weatherwise, spring didn't come in like a lion, so we've been fortunate here in that respect.  By comparison, May 2016  was likely the fourth wettest on record.  But it has been a cooler and wetter spring than we're accustomed to.  While that may be good for perennials it certainly presents challenges to local farmers who have still not been able to get into their fields to bring in last fall's crops.  North of us, some farmers' fields were flooded beyond recognition.  Still, not as wet as last year.

In other news, we have a new grandson!  Born March 29, one day after his daddy's birthday, he was just over a week overdue.  He's a cute little chubbers who easily doubled his birth weight and then some.  He has his days and nights mixed up thanks to colic which seems to be abating now.  Big brother is beyond thrilled to have a little brother.  He loves to hold him and share his toys with him.  They'll be great pals.  Too bad they're a province away.

My son's wife's two daughters are finally here in Canada. :) They arrived from the Philippines the end of April.  They're two lovely and shy girls.  Canada feels a bit cold to them compared to high 30's (celsius).

I'm back to work at the greenhouse and it's incredibly busy now that May long weekend has arrived.  Everyone is eager to get their plants and dig in to their gardens and containers!  I got my Mathiola (evening scented stock) and a Chocolate Sprinkles tomato plant!  I'm slow to start because I've been so busy! Besides working at the greenhouse, I am a moderator for the greenhouse's Facebook page and recently started acting as community manager for a new Alberta gardener site.  This site is for the gardening community and if you love to garden and live in Alberta you should join.  We share tips, get advice, share photos and recipes.  We help each other solve problems and give inspiration for those tough areas.  We brainstorm together and generally just share our love of gardening together.  (abgrows.ca)

The day is drawing to a close here so I'd love to share just a few photos of what's happening in the garden world.  Til next time Cheers and happy planting!

A Canada goose thought this pot would make a lovely nest.

Prairie sunsets are the perfect ending to a spring day.

Until next time,

~Cheers and happy gardening~

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