06 February 2010

The Beauty of Winter

I have seen more hoar frost this winter than previous years.  It is a breathtaking sight to look upon nature dressed in its winter finery!  Hoar frost is created in much the same manner as dew, individual droplets of moisture form on an object, especially an object small in diameter and exposed to the air.  The object upon which these droplets form is below freezing in temperature.  The dewpoint of the air becomes saturated as it cools thus forming hoar frost on the objects.  Here is a photo my mother sent me of some trees in Southern Alberta covered in hoar frost. 

Moments like this help the avid gardener step back and take a breath to enjoy the wondrous beauty winter brings. We need to pause and enjoy the beauty of this season as the earth takes a rest, enveloped in glorious white as only this time of year can bring.

Gardening Calendar:

  • Plant tomato seeds indoors.
  • Begin fertilizing house plants.
  • Peruse gardening catalogues and place orders.


Anonymous said...

Informative! Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

I love this one too, and not just because it's my favourite time of year.

Very informative & pretty!



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