19 December 2011

Christmas at Greenland Garden Center

Early in December, before stores got too crazy busy, my daughter and I headed to one of our favourite places for holiday magic.  We took several photos of the Christmas Store at Greenland Garden Center and I share here just a few with you.  Enjoy.

Above and below, the one and only upside down Christmas Tree

A new Christmas decorating trend is the little starburst.  Sometimes combined with a few small decorative balls and sometimes on its own, it dazzles on a tree.

This "pick" reminds me of a stag horn fern.  It is new this season as well.

Colour combinations of bronze and turquoise adorn this tree.

A feathery topper in red.  A few years ago I did a similar topper with feathery fronds on a "bird tree".  I thought it looked good but one of the proprietors of the greenhouse thought it looked like the tree was going to take flight!

Another new trend is the ribbon upon a ribbon garland.  There are actually two different ribbons, one atop another, strung around this tree.

Merry Christmas!!!



The Garden Ms. S said...

Oh, this is the first year I didn't get there. Looks fab!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year! :)

Shirley said...

Thank you! Wishing the same to you. I love your blog! It's wonderful to read a fellow Edmontonian's gardening adventures!

Anonymous said...

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