09 December 2011

Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Morning

On December 10, 2011 there will be a total lunar eclipse, visible from 5:45 am Mountain Standard Time until 7:32 am Mountain Standard Time.  According to Christian Science Monitor, the best places to view the eclipse in its totality are from Hawaii to Asia.  Those on the east coasts will not see much, while the west coast, without blocked views of the horizon, will have the best views.

"These eclipses occur when the Earth blocks direct sunlight from reaching the moon. But at totality, the moon still gives off a red glow, thanks to sunlight that passes through Earth's atmosphere.
The moon's ruddy hue during a lunar eclipse owes its color to the way light scatters in the atmosphere.
Coming from the far side of Earth, as an astronaut on the moon might see it, the sunlight must travel a relatively long distance through the atmosphere before it exits and heads moonward.
During the course of its travels, the light loses its other colors – think the color spectrum, here – to atmospheric molecules and dust. These scatter the shorter wavelengths of light. The more dust, the darker the red left to daub the moon's surface.
The color is created by the same effect that causes the deep reds late in a sunset or early in a sunrise."  (http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2011/1209/Lunar-eclipse-Why-will-this-one-be-so-big-and-red)
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Arija said...

How wonderful that you caught the lunar eclipse. We missed it here 'down under' due to a heavy cloud cover that, to add insult to injury did not give us even one drop of rain for our parched gardens.

Anonymous said...

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