21 June 2012

It's the First Full Day of Summer!

In my garden the peonies nod their heavy heads a grand hello to summer!  Today is the first full day of summer and I and you and everyone everywhere celebrates!  Yesterday was summer solstice and the longest day of the year, which is rather a sad thought because I do love to sit outside in the evenings, particularly on the weekends, and enjoy the lengthy hours of precious sunlight.  When you live in the northern hemisphere, you truly cherish every moment of treasured prolonged days.  

I love to sit by the fire pit, near the waterfall and pond, and just absorb the sheer beauty and tranquility. The twinkling stars, somewhat muted by the brightness of the city lights, dance in the heavens.  A satellite sparkles as it putts through the sky, and the moon glows upon the garden visitors and inhabitants.  Sigh.  If I could capture moments in a bottle to be revisited again and again, without end, it would be moments like this.

Too soon, the nights lengthen, and the daylight of days shortens and the seasons change.  But for now, I will enjoy the blessed summer days and nights.  I will not curse the heat that stifles me and makes sleep near impossible.  Well, at least I will try, ceiling and floor fans at the ready, of course!  

I hope you too are enjoying this most wonderful of seasons!  Anyone for the beach?


Sheila said...

Hi Shirley - it certainly is the season to sit back and enjoy the outdoors especially in as lovely a garden as yours is. Your peony is amazing. I have mine planted in the wrong place and it hasn't bloomed since I moved it there on the east side of our house - but this season for whatever reason it is now about 18 inches tall so that's great. I'm crossing my fingers that it will bloom. Yes - amazingly, the farmer was so tired of his spraying that he came home at lunch and we headed to Sir Winston Churchill Park in Lac La Biche. It was lovely to have a picnic on the beach and watch a few classes of children having fun on one of their last outings of the school year. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Shirley said...

I am glad you had the opportunity to enjoy such a lovely day! I haven't been to Lac La Biche, to the best of my recollection, but my husband is there today on business!

Is your peony planted too deep, by chance? If the eyes are deeper than 1 inch below the surface, it won't bloom for you. Failing that, it may just take some time to settle in to its new spot.

Enjoy these wondrous days of summer, Sheila! :)


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