02 June 2012

Test Your Garden IQ: True or False (as seen with Carson Arthur on Cityline)

Answer the quiz, true or false, then watch the video.  No cheating now!

#1.  Don't water your plants when it's hot out.

#2.  Organic pesticides are safer than non-organic.

#3.  Battery operated garden tools/equipment are more environmentally friendly than gas operated.

#4.  Crushed eggs and beer are adequate slug repellants.

#5.  Aerating the lawn with golf shoes does the trick.

#6.  Plastic pots are better than clay pots for container gardening on my deck/balcony.

In your comments, answer true or false.  I'd love to know how you did.  Watch the video to see if you are correct.  You may be surprised!

PS.  apparently number six isn't included in this video, which is an oops.  Thank you to Crafty Gardener for pointing this out to me and congratulations to her for getting them all right.  The answer to number six, as I found watching the entire program, I have included in comments below.  Did you guess right?


Crafty Gardener said...

Got them all right, but there was no #6 on the site.

Shirley said...

Crafty Gardener, thanks for stopping by and taking the quiz. The answer to number six was answered later in the show but I didn't realize it wasn't on the clip I included.

The answer to #6 is plastic. Unless you are a habitual over waterer, plastic is the best pot for container gardening on your deck. Clay pots tend to suck the moisture from the soil to the pot, that being the nature of clay. So it isn't the best choice. The exception would be if you planted succulents, then clay pots are better suited. So, depending on the type of gardener you are, both are correct.

Thanks for playing!


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