10 August 2012

Heritage Festival Fun!!!

 After work Monday, my husband, a couple of our sons and a friend and I attended the Heritage Festival here in Edmonton.  It is an annual event held at Hawrelak Park, which is an enormous venue complete with a lake and mature trees.  As you can see from the photos, it was packed and it was at least 32 Celsius, not including the humidex rating!  It was a sweltering good time!!
 A friend of ours told us we had to visit the Scandinavian tent for the food, and friends of his were running it. Coincidentally, it ranked the #1 tent at the festival!  Above is a charming horse statue that was situated just outside the tent.

 Hubby and a troll statue.
 Here we are, sticking our heads through in front of the ship.  Vikings we be?  Of course, some of us play nicer than others!
 Outside a tent from Taiwan.  I love the colourful costumes, don't you?
 We have developed an addiction of sorts to green onion cakes and had to try these.  They came plated with breaded chicken in a sweet and sour sauce, ginger beef and a side of hot chili sauce.  They were quite good.

 This is such an elaborate tattoo that I just had to shoot a photo of it.  Too bad it isn't more clear but you get the idea.

 I think this was located near a tent from Africa.  So many dancers in this heat!  Take a look at the mane on this performer.  It must have been very hot under that!
 Ah, yes!  The tent from Britain!!  I just love the double decker buses and the traditional phone booths!  A friend of mine just returned from vacation in Germany and London and surprised me with the most delicious German ginger cookies and biscuits and....the perfect fridge magnet which encompasses all the "statements" of England and a palace guard to boot!  I love it!  Thanks K!!!!

 Ah, the Beatles!  Can you tell which is which?  I recognize John Lennon and Paul McCartney but don't know the other two apart.  Perhaps you can help me out with this one?

At the British tent I had a scone with cream (clotted?) and a strawberry preserve.  Delicious!
 Ah, captured!!!  My son, K, wanted a photo of himself in this!  A perfect photo opp and I must send him a copy!
 These dancers were magnificent!  I'm not sure which country of Europe they were representing.

 In Japan's tent, I saw this costume and had to snap a photo.  And, of course, loving Japanese gardens, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a life-size rendition of one!

 The above photo and the following three were taken just outside the Russia tent.  We were zapped by the heat, squelched even, and ready to head out.  The statue is a permanent structure at Hawrelak Park and I love the significance of it, being a mother myself.

On the shuttle back, we were totally done.

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Sheila said...

I just looked through this photo album of the sights you saw at Heritage Days. I think I'll try to go next summer. It looks like you had a great day!


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