31 August 2012


 Home Sweet Home - welcome to our new house
 It has great potential...but you'll see a lot of work ahead for me too.  Notice in the next few photos how close the shrubs are planted to the deck.  They are snug up against it and must be moved soon!
 A poor little mugho pine planted in full shade.
 Poplar suckers are growing up through the floor boards in the deck along with thistles.
 Screening the back yard from the neighbours are three poplars.  Not just Swedish Columnar Aspen, but poplars!!  Do you think I should have them removed?  (remember the shoots coming through the deck?)
 Beautiful Little Lamb Hydrangea and lilies sharing this tiny bed with thistle.
 Again, the poor shrubs are reaching out to grow.  
 The raised bed has lettuce (bolted), chives and dill planted in it.  I may keep it for garden space or perhaps a waterfall with a stream?  The yard does have a natural slope...hmmm.....
 This cute little columbine was peeking out from behind a yellow potentilla.  I adore it.  The yellow potentilla, on the other hand, will likely be on its way out.  I have memories of spending entire days deadheading potentilla in the heat of the day when I worked at the greenhouse/nursery.  These are not fond memories!
 Spirea, unknown.  I believe they have pink flowers.  I am not sure about their fate either.  Notice the weed behind?  It was quickly removed as it had grown throughout this bed, entangling itself on the Virginia Creeper and neighbouring plants.  It was found in several other areas of the yard too.
 The cedars are coming out for sure!!  Poor things probably didn't get enough water and are badly desiccated.
 I am happy to have discovered a Purple Leaf Sandcherry!  I've wanted one of these for years!!
 Rhubarb!   Yay!  Beside it I will plant the raspberry that grows in a corner behind a 3 foot high Colorado Spruce.
 An ornamental crabapple.
 A Swedish Columnar Aspen, the raspberry bush mentioned previously and the Colorado Spruce  -potential growth is 60 feet!  - not in this yard!  That is much too large for a city landscape.  Perhaps I will have to find an acreage or park for this lovely evergreen.
 Two dead Swedish Columnar Aspens (crocodile tears) and a black elder.
 Another dead/dying cedar.  Note, the neighbour has poplars too!!

 In the upper right hand corner you can see the leaves of Snowbird Hawthorne.  Sadly, it is covered in galls.
 Above, spirea.

 The front yard view.  I removed a lot of tall grass from within this Mugho pine.

 View of the side yard looking towards the garden gate (our property is on the left).

The neighbour has a gazebo!!!!!  Here again is the hawthorne and a Swedish Columnar Aspen.  I have a lot to do back here and I am so happy!!!  I look forward to making changes to this landscape to make it home.  I learned a lot with our previous garden and hope to incorporate some of my favourite plants here such as the Three-flowered Maple, Mock Orange, rhododendron and a birch.  Perhaps we'll put in a lamp in the front yard and place some rock and evergreens around it.  The back yard is open to a lot of contemplation.  My son M (who built the pond and waterfall and assisted with a great deal of the landscaping) is working on a design for me.  Good news:  he plans to go to school to become a landscape architect technician!!!  He has a great eye and a lot of talent and I am so thrilled to see him come back to what was once his aspiration during high school.  

So what's new with you?

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Sheila said...

Congratulations Shirley ! Your new home looks lovely and certainly by next summer your yard will be starting to look the way you'd like it to. How wonderful that your son will help you with a landscape design! Hope that all the hard work of settling in to a new home will bring you much joy!


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