05 August 2013

The Last is Not the Least - Strathcona County Garden Tour Finale

This placard hangs beside the gate as you enter the back yard.  It's a lovely sentiment along with the chest (that sits in front of the family's shed) seen later in this post.  Both touches of home bring the indoors outside, extending the living area.  

This is the last home we visited on the Strathcona County Garden Tour.  Enjoy.

Sometimes wind chimes are annoyingly tinny but this one isn't.

In the back corner of this photo sits the family's garden shed, in front of which rests the painted chest.

There were a few cherry trees in the back garden.  This one is loaded and they are ripe and ready for eating.  They weren't offered to us though.

Saskatoon bush

As we prepared to leave,  I had to take another photo, this time of the pond above complete with aquatic plants.

Which garden is your favourite?  Which aspects of those I shared did you like best?  I liked the decorative elements; dry stacked wall; the view from the gazebo; the planters that one gardener had everywhere, including by the garbage bins; the garden that seemed to flow into the surrounding aspen forest; the home that makes me think of Tuscany; the raised vegetable gardens; and, of course, the water features!!! (the links to each of the posts appear in grey.  Just hover your mouse over top, click and enjoy.)

I left with a plethora of ideas.  If only I could implement each and every one of them!  Thanks for joining me.  I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as my friend and I did.

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