24 August 2013

Reluctant Segway(er)

Today we explored the river bottom on foot and via Segway (see the last photo in this post). It was a beautiful hot day and there were nine of us in the tour with a guide who taught us the ins and outs of operating a Segway.  I was feeling rather trepidacious, the thought of going downhill made me nervous and I think the guide sensed/could see that so he put me right behind him after our photo session at the Chinese Garden.  It was all good fun but you wouldn't believe how you must use your core, legs and feet to balance and move forwards and backwards!  

We rode on part of the Trans Canada Trail that 

runs through Louise McKinney Park.  Did you know there are five parks in our city named after 
five women who fought for women's rights including the right to vote?  There's Louise McKinney Park, Nellie McClung Park, Emily Murphy Park, Irene Parlby Park, and Henrietta Muir Edwards Park.  

The yellow line of the Trans Canada Trail runs across our entire country, connecting it via a path of trails like the one we were on today.

 A portion of the trail we did our tour on runs through a rose garden and by the Chinese Memorial Garden.  Some of the lamp posts bear rings with poetry.  Below is an example.

Chinese Memorial Garden, above.  
Below, we had our photos taken at the entrance to the Chinese Memorial Garden.  Luckily, everyone had a phone with the capacity to take photos so the guide took one for everyone.

Interested in a Segway tour in Edmonton, see:  http://www.rivervalleyadventure.com

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TexWisGirl said...

that's a cool way to tour! i'd be afraid i'd bee too uncoordinated for them. :)


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