13 August 2014

Greenland Garden Centre's Botanical Garden Summer 2014 (part I)

It's been a couple years or so since I visited Greenland Garden Centre's Botanical Garden so things have changed, evolved and grown.  The most significant difference I noted was a lack of vegetables grown in the beds.  There are a few varieties of apples but that's it for the edible garden.  Which is, actually, perfectly fine with me because when I visit a botanical garden, I'm there to see which ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals I might consider for future planting.  The apple trees are a bonus and must look and smell amazing in the spring!

The tour will take only a few minutes; just follow my lead....

The botanical garden frames a small pond.

I love the pink tinged flower heads on this variegated grass. 
 Sorry, I didn't catch the name.

Weeping trees in the landscape just do it for me!  Anytime I see one, I must get closer!  Their form is very becoming to me.

Speedwell and day lilies

I've grown this grass before but haven't seen it "bloom".  It's light airy wisps are eye-catching against the backdrop of an evergreen.

Veronica aka Speedwell, above and below

Coral Bells aka Heuchera, above, is a lovely plant for low light conditions.  I find they brown in full sun.

I love this clematis!

In front, the intricate branch form of a weeping birch.

A blue spruce is just visible in front of a ground cover
 juniper with flowering spirea behind.  
Ninebark offers a contrasting backdrop in burgundy tones.

Part II will take us indoors and through the tree nursery area.  I  hope you'll return to see what's in store.  (pun intended ;P)

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Su-sieee! Mac said...

Thanks for the tour! I love wandering around gardens and thinking possibilities of what to grow. I'm a sucker for weeping willows myself. :-)
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