17 August 2014

The Week in Retrospect

Today we stopped at the Fringe Festival after going to the Farmers' Market in Strathcona.  Here's a bit of the act we enjoyed.

At the Farmers' Market:

Something I want to check out is this Land Trust.  
The opportunity didn't arrive today.

Same performer as in the video above, 
this time juggling fiery batons.

Earlier this week we had some errands to do and of course I had to take photos.  I love to see the efforts of the city and businesses alike to beautify the area.  Here are just a few examples:

The city is removing trees that didn't make it through the winter.  Sadly these trees were planted last summer in the park across the street from us but for whatever reason a good majority of the pines died and have been replaced by deciduous trees.

Annabelle Hydrangeas are blooming prolifically.

Tree lined streets and planters with a combination of canna lilies and trailing plants brighten the boulevards.

I miss having Purple Fountain Grass in my planters.  Next year I must plant them again.  Look how stunning they are with their fluffy heads.  Sweet potato vine and a trailing petunia or superbells (Calibrachoa), not sure which.  I took the photo from across the street.

Another street side planting en masse.  I don't know what this flower is with the red spikes but I like it as a specimen plant!

These shops and/or shop windows were seen while strolling down Whyte Avenue mid-afternoon.  The car was in for an inspection so hubby and I took advantage of the time to take a stroll.

This is one HUGE runner!

A weekend reflection, above.

I really like the architecture of some of the buildings in this area of town.

Murals are not uncommon sites, from boxes to sides of buildings.  Better than graffiti and it pays a tribute to the arts community which thrives in this city.

The old post office building is now occupied by local businesses, including a restaurant on the main level.

And last but not least, a rollerblading guitar playing man.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely August weekend.  
Thanks for stopping by.

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genie said...

The plantings are so pretty and the structure with the tower is gorgeous. What a wonderful piece of structural history. A lovely spot.


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