31 August 2014

Respite From the City at Gull Lake

A day trip to Gull Lake offered a most necessary respite from the city.  Calm winds, smooth waters, family, picnic.... Missing the one son who was absent (Vancouver is a long way from which to travel for a picnic.  Besides, he was spending the weekend at the Okanagon Valley).    

Here are some photos of the scenery at Gull Lake.  The day was exquisite!

A storm is stirring on the horizon as the sun sets over the lake.  We could see lightning on the far side but no thunder yet.

Cloudy skies made for a brilliant sunset; the pinks and yellows reflected in the lake below.

Once the wind picked up we hurriedly packed up our things and were on the road when the first raindrops fell.  It was a harrowing drive.  Southbound on the opposite side of the divided highway, fire crews, an ambulance and several police cars were at the scene of a vehicle fire.  We all wondered if it had been struck by lightning.  Traffic southbound was backed up a few kilometres.  We sure hope there were no casualties.

After a white knuckle drive through sporadically heavy rain and lightning, we arrived back in the city which hadn't received the storm.  Traffic was heavy even in the city on a long weekend Saturday night.

While it's good to be home and we are so grateful to have arrived safely, I find myself yearning for the beach.  Another day.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

gorgeous series of photos

Su-sieee! Mac said...

You've got me yearning to be at a beach right now. Thanks for sharing your delightful photos. I pretended I was there in your scenes. :-)
Take 25 to Hollister

'Tsuki said...

What a beautiful serie !

I like the shape of the big cloud : those two pics are stunning ! your work on counter-light is amazing.

Felicia said...

beautiful images of lovely scenery


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