06 May 2015

Orchid Show 2015

Last month the Enjoy Centre of St. Albert, Alberta hosted the annual Orchid Show and Sale.  The following are highlights I captured of the day.

Brilliant colours

Pretty in pink

My favourite of the "orchid gardens" this year.

This lovely arrangement is similar to those my son will have for his wedding this summer.

Cute with an oriental theme.  I love the Japanese Maple!

Daughter-in-law (feels more like a daughter), son and daughter joined me for the afternoon.

This show is very much like last year's.  We unanimously decided we'll likely skip next year's unless one of us suddenly becomes an avid collector.  My son, above, was but after a considerable investment in some unusual and apparently difficult to grow orchids; he's decided to enjoy them at arm's length for now.  After all, he has a wedding to prepare for!

1 comment:

Clipped Wings said...

Orchids fascinate so much because I never see them unless I go to the orchid house at the botanical gardens in Cheekwood. I think if you grew your own you would never tire of viewing your handiwork. Same as when you garden. Your garden is always so much more rewarding than others because it is your creation and labor of love. Beautiful photos.


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