20 January 2013


Good morning everyone!  How is this new year treating you?  To be honest, it has been rather stressful on my end.   We are moving again and until a couple days ago, we hadn't selected a new residence.  The details are not yet finalized so I won't divulge any thing more here but I feel the stress lifting and am so grateful for that.  

On a brighter note, this was my view first thing this morning!  Isn't it gorgeous!!!!

It was near -40 Celsius with the wind chill this morning!  Right now it's about -24 Celsius and I don't know what it is with the windchill factored in but it's not very windy so that's good!

It's a cooler week than last where we set records for north America of +8 Celsius.  It was warmer than Phoenix that day!  On the plus side, it will be cold for the Ice on Whyte Festival that begins the 25th of January.  Perhaps this year we will even explore the icy wonderland!

Have a terrific week everyone and keep the home fires burning!


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