10 December 2014

Edmonton in December is Unseasonably Warm

graphic from Global Edmonton Facebook page

Tuesday we reached a high of almost 13 degrees Celsius while at the International Airport it was 10.2 Celsius and Grand Prairie was 9.6 Celsius.  It's been a long time since we were this warm in December as you can tell from the graphic.  I apologize for the left margin cut off.  Not sure what happened but suffice it to say...technology!  

Is December warmer or colder than usual where you live?  

November snowfall
 I have to remember to spritz my swag with water to keep it from drying out since it has yet to freeze to sustain it whole.  It has melted so much (remember the snowfall we had in November?) that now the walks are icy treacherous.  

I'm participating in a cookie exchange this weekend with the kids and attending Candlelight Christmas Saturday evening.  I've wanted to participate in a cookie exchange for a while and now that the kids are grown it seems an opportune time and they all seem keen on it.  

Candlelight Christmas 2013
Not much decorating has been done here yet but soon we must find a fresh cut tree for the living room and maybe a poinsettia. Have you decorated for Christmas?  Real tree or artificial?  Do you display collections at Christmas like nativities, nutcrackers (me), villages? 

#recordtemperatures  #CandlelightChristmas

Light the Legislature in Christmas Splendour

09 December 2014

I Went for the Sauerkraut

I've been craving sauerkraut for weeks, really!  I loved it as a child but since I am the only one in the family who will eat it, I rarely buy it.  Well, the craving wouldn't go away so I headed to a local greenhouse whose owner makes her own and sells it on site.  While picking out my sauerkraut, I also grabbed some Pfeffernusse Cookies and Dominoes.  Of course, I had to check out their Christmas market, photos of which I will share for you to enjoy as well.

There are still at least two greenhouses I must visit before Christmas.  I hope you'll return for a virtual tour!!

08 December 2014

Christmas Creche Exhibit 2014

Thursday November 27 to Saturday November 29, the LDS Church in Sherwood Park held their annual Creche Exhibit.  The exhibit grows larger and larger each year just as does the number of visitors for this event that has been operating since 1996.  

The entire exhibit is comprised of approximately 1250 nativity scenes/sets offered for display by members of the church in the community and surrounding area. There are collections from around the world including Peru, Hawaii, Philippines, Germany, Africa, Peurto Rico, China and Thailand to name a few.  

As one strolls through the aisles viewing the inticacies of the pieces, live performances of Christmas carols from the adjoining chapel are enjoyed.  Here families and individuals from congregations in the community entertain the public with song and instruments.  

In a nearby room an exhibit especially for children is set up.  Here you find Precious Moments, hand-made nativities and other special nativities that children will enjoy seeing.

The Christmas Creche Exhibit is a wonderful way to begin the holiday season. Away from the hubbub of the shopping malls, one can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and remember the true reason for the season.

07 December 2014

No Ordinary Orchid - The Twisted Traditional Florist Open House Event

Laura Doucet is the proprietor of a brand new business and new name: No Ordinary Orchid - The Twisted Traditional Florist (previously The Enchanted Florist).  With a background in two highly recognized local floral shops within local greenhouses, Laura recently left a business partnership to strike out on her own.  She, ladies and gentlemen, is the designer who made my daughter-in-law's bridal bouquet and those for the wedding party.  They were raved about!!!

Thursday evening she held her Christmas Open House and I bought the swag pictured below.  I fell in love with its understated beauty and her prices are highly competitive!  Laura has an extensive collection of arrangements for Christmas, including the two birch collar arrangements seen in the collage below.

The orchid stems in pillar vases are astounding!  I love the lime/burgundy orchid far right (above).

These are some of the items Laura had on display for her open house.  If you are in the Edmonton area (including Sherwood Park and St. Albert) and would like to contact Laura for your floral needs, visit her Facebook page.  



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