24 January 2017

23 January 2017

Bridal Fantasy 2017

Yesterday my daughter was stoked about Bridal Fantasy as we embarked on the traditional, the contemporary and the eclectic; the fashion, the floral and the food. Here is it - Bridal Fantasy 2017!!  Have a look:


There were a lot of strapless gowns, men's fancy socks, wedding night lingerie and underwear, men's suits and tuxes but apparently I didn't get photos of any of those.  I wasn't close enough to get close-ups on the embellishments but you get the idea.



I LOVED this booth!! (above.) PS, not everything in this mosaic were in this booth but you can probably tell which were.


The elephant took me by surprise!  You too?  Like I said, eclectic. Moss is huge!  Right on trend.  

 Cakes and desserts

Did we miss them or where are all the cakes and tablescapes?  This year there were a lot of limos and photographers, destination getaways and venue booths. I hope in the future Bridal Fantasy will have more cake/dessert vendors and more fancy tables and ideas for decorating.  Just saying, that's what I was looking for.

For more wedding inspiration, take a look at Bridal Fantasy 2015.

21 January 2017

Fog and Hoar Frost

Today in Edmonton

STARS Home Lottery 2017

Do you like show home tours?  Well, you're in luck.  Today my friend K and I went to a few show homes just for the heck of it and we began with the STARS Lottery Home 2017.  I'm going to take you along too but you get to skip the ice, fog and cold and enjoy from the comfort of your home.  Located in the up and coming area of Griesbach in Edmonton, this lovely two story house is on a corner lot with an attached double garage up front.  I didn't take photos of the exterior so a photo of the flyer will have to suffice.

Here are some photos of the interior, beginning with the foyer and main floor and continuing upstairs to the bedrooms, of which there are three, and a media room.  The laundry room is also on this floor.  The basement is unfinished.

The entrance and main floor

The main floor

 The master suite

 The bedrooms and laundry, all on the second floor

Media room above also included a bar with sink, upper cabinets and a small fridge.

It was a nice house; nothing over the top but not particularly blasé either.   Could you see yourself living here? 

To learn more about the role STARS plays in saving lives daily, read STARS.ca. If you're interested in more information and how you may purchase a ticket for the STARS Lottery 2017, visit STARS Lottery.

Three Story Bachelor Pad Show Home

The last show home we visited was a three story townhouse by Juno homebuilders.  It was across the street from the Coventry homes so we figured why not.  It was most extraordinary.  A very linear small space that capitalized on vertical room.  Upon entering you see a steep staircase leading to the main living area.  Immediately to your left is a den and a bathroom.  Straight ahead is the single garage.

The first thing I thought as we climbed the stairs was there was no way I'd want to carry groceries up them!!  There are a lot of them and they're steep and narrow.  Good exercise though!! 

Upstairs you find the kitchen, dining and living room, all lined up.  The design makes the most of the room available and is really quite livable.  

You ascend another staircase to the two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.  Here are a few photos I took.  If I were single, this would suit me.  (I'd seriously have to do some downsizing!!  Think minimalist.)  Mind  you, it would be a perfect bachelor pad or starter home for two.



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