12 October 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving and a Cranberry Harvest

Today in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving with all the traditional fixings shared with family and friends.  We have so much to be thankful for.  In our family this year we celebrated the wedded union of two of our sons and their lovely brides.  We live in a beautiful country with religious freedom, the freedom of speech, the right to be a free country; all of which were fought for by soldiers on our behalf.  We are enjoying a glorious autumn season this year with foliage so brilliant in colour that my memory card has been filled.  

I am thankful for so much.  My family, my faith, good friends, peace, and so much more.  I really truly am blessed.  Though I wish we could all be together this day, all our children and their partners, grandparents, family and friends; you are all in my heart and I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

In celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving, I am sharing a video I discovered about the harvest and process of cranberries from the field to the end product.  I saw something similar on tv yesterday, and while I couldn't find the identical video, this one is very informative for all you cranberry lovers.  After all, what is a turkey dinner without cranberries?

From all of us gathered at the table, we wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

11 October 2014

October, Glorious Colour, Weekend Reflections, Sky Watch and a Wedding at the Lake (last but not least)

Here are some scenery shots of my area of the world as October slips in, signalling a full month of autumn and glorious colour.  Autumn is my sister's favourite season and this year it is a stunning display of gold, orange and red. What's not to love?

My son K and his wife C got married here, at this lake, this week.  It was the perfect evening for a lake side wedding ceremony.

04 October 2014

How lovely the evening light glows on this autumn day in the river valley

We (hubby and I) found an excellent location to take photos of the river valley. The sun was low in the sky this evening and the light upon the autumn foliage made it glow.  This post has few words because the scenery says it all.

Frankie Flowers: All about fall foliage

03 October 2014

The Castle on the Hill

Today's reflection is that of Hotel Fairmont MacDonald taken at 7:30 pm as the sun was setting.  I love this architecture with its turrets and spires.  It's so beautiful!  The grounds are amazing too!

There's a wonderful meme at Weekend Reflections where people from around the world share reflections they've captured with a camera. 


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