31 October 2017

What's Wrong With My Orchid?

Hi folks.  For a change, I have a troubleshooting question for you.  I have an orchid with some wrinkled leaves and I'm curious as to the cause.  This began before I repotted it to an actual orchid pot and it's had at least one more new leaf come out wrinkled since then.  It's in an eastern exposure with indirect light.  I planted it with an orchid potting mix with some spaghnum moss in an orchid pot which is nestled inside another pot.  There's about a half inch of pebbles under the orchid pot, in the outer pot for increased humidity.  It spent it's first summer outdoors this year in an effort to shock it into flowering, a suggestion from a friend who oversees the houseplant section at the greenhouse where I work.  

Could it be from inconsistent temperature?  Nutrient deficiency?  Other suggestions?

It grew a lot of new healthy roots while outside.  Any suggestions on how to make it bloom now would be great too.  

"Grow for Me"

In the spirit of Halloween, I found this little video from Little Shop of Horrors to share here.  Oddly, I've never seen the movie.

Happy Halloween!!


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