28 September 2013

Red Rock Canyon, Waterton Lakes National Park

Above, Cameron Falls in Waterton Lakes National Park

In this famous canyon the rock is red, thus its name.  The river/creek running through it was at the lowest I have ever seen it.  En route to the canyon, we saw two bears - one black and one cinnamon both of which were foraging berries on the mountainside.  My photos did not turn out well enough to post.

The bridge in the preceding and following photos is the same bridge, just different view points.  The trees were just beginning to turn colour on September long weekend.

I am joining Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

27 September 2013

Vertical Gardening in Singapore

It is well known that space in Singapore is limited and residents have had to become creative in their methods of growing plants.  In this wimp.com video is a perfect example of how some have chosen to make the best of small spaces.

To watch this innovative method of gardening, click on the following link.

22 September 2013

The Columbia Icefields ... Where Have They Gone?

Leaving Jasper on our way to the Columbia Icefields in Banff National Park, south of Jasper National Park, practically right on the border.  Notice the amount of snow and ice in the peaks now?

Hubby stands next to the marker indicating where the glacier sat in 1982.  There is still quite a hike up the mountain to where the glacier rests now in 2013.

Still hiking upwards....

Here we are at the base of the field.  The dark mass in the above photo is part of the glacier.  

Here is where the glacier rests now in 2013.  It was mighty cold and windy up there!

The area is roped off so visitors cannot walk on the glacier.  It is far too dangerous to do so now as there is a river running beneath it and a small lake forming at the foot thereof.

This is the Athabasca Glacier.  It is one of six in the Columbia Icefield.  This glacier recedes at the rate of two to three metres per year.

This is what global warming looks like.  How does it affect you to see it up close?  To see how it has receded just over the last two decades is phenomenal!!  It's rather frightening.  The very first marker indicating where the glacier once sat is at the road's edge.  Now one must hike 1.5 kms up from where it sat 125 years ago.  

21 September 2013

Riverfront Property

Today my friend K and I went to the Farmer's Market followed by a visit to her favourite bakery where I purchased poppyseed butterfly buns.  Sadly, the lady ahead of us purchased the last of their scrumptious chocolate croissants!  K had a hating moment!!  Lol.

Following this excitement, I was whisked along, out of the city's buzz and horns and yells of maddened drivers to the sweet smelling air of her "river-front property."  It's a lesser known area but today it had heavy traffic and one realizes that what was once a quiet get-away is slowly being discovered by canoeists and hikers alike.  

It hardly seems possible to still be in the city with the sweet fragrance of poplars and evergreens in your nostrils, a bright blue sky overhead and the soft lapping of minute waves of the wake of a passing boat on the river.  

The water was higher today than last Thursday, K told me, but we didn't complain about splashing through it in pursuit of the island "in the stream."

To get to this bit of paradise, one must first cross the Fort Edmonton foot bridge.  It's quite a unique structure that photographs quite well.

I hope you'll enjoy this escape with me.  I only wish there were some way to convey the fragrance to you.

 Some cute but quirky signs outside of someone's property on the road to the path leading to the foot bridge.

Today I am linking up with Sunday Bridges, a wonderful meme hosted by Louis at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

I am so thankful to K for sharing this little bit of stress relief with me.  I hope you are relishing your weekend.  Go dip your toes in some cool water and just breathe.  Ahhhh.

Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park

Rocky Mountain Highs

It's hard to believe, but we've lived here 13 years without a visit to the majestic mountains of Jasper.  We found some time early this month and, honestly, I did not want to leave.  The following are photos taken three weeks ago during a trip to Jasper National Park, Alberta.

The cranberry white chocolate scone is scrumptious!!  You must also try their cheese loaf and an Italian loaf with bruschetta in it.  

The famous washroom walls of The Other Paw Bakery Cafe.  The last quote was that of Agatha Christie!  

We took the Jasper Tram up the side of a mountain and then hiked up a ways to get some stunning photos, including the panorama.

Above, the gorgeous Athabasca Falls and below, the Athabasca River.

Coming next, the Columbia Ice Fields.

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