23 November 2013

On the Inside Looking Out

At the Winspear Friday evening this is the view inside and out.

Pearl Tower - Weekend Reflections

Long ago (it seems long ago now in the month of November with over a foot of snow on the ground), in the month of September,  my friend Kim and I headed out for the annual Fall Art Gallery Walk which, this year for the first time ever, included a carriage ride drawn by two Norwegian Fjords, gorgeous animals!

One of the gentlemen led an ongoing commentary about the area.  We drove past the oldest/first high-rise this city had built and the newest which is under construction and will be the tallest.  Because we had, until very recently, an operational airport at the city core, high-rises over a certain height were prohibited.  With the restrictions lifted, we may see the development of more skyscrapers.  Here are a few photos taken during the carriage ride.

Above, the Norwegian Fjords

Above, the oldest and first high-rise 

Above, the new tower, the Pearl, currently under construction.

Won't you join all of us at Weekend Reflections.

Charming and Easy Coffee Filter Wreath with Martha Stewart

04 November 2013

Winter vs People and Vehicles

Saturday afternoon the drizzle of rain we received turned to snow, melting as it fell but then it froze overnight creating a lovely skating rink.  The main roads have been sanded and perfectly fine for driving now but Sunday was a totally different story as the snow continued to fall.  The following video isn't much of a stretch of the imagination when you consider just how treacherous winter can be for drivers and people in general.  Hope you enjoy the laughs!


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