16 April 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  While some of you are enjoying a bright snow free day, enjoying the songs of robins (mom), we are just happy to see the sun shine though the ground is covered in snow.  We've had snow since Friday.  In fact we had snowfall warnings which didn't amount to much here in the city but much further north in the province they lost power due to power line breakage from snow laden lines.  We are fortunate and we have more moisture which is needed.

Our grandsons attended an Easter egg hunt yesterday.  It looks like L slept through most of it while K had a blast on the slides and making new friends.  It's K's second birthday tomorrow and I wish we could be there.  I'm sure many photos will be sent our way though.  Awe, the joys of grandchildren...our babies' babies.  

Hope you have a lovely Easter, remembering the reason for this blessed day.  God bless you.




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